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Some Important Questions and Answers

1. What is the minimum age to join Home911 as a Main Member?

16 years old.

2. Can one person join as a Home911 member more than once?

No, not unless you join as a different legal entity the second time, with a different cell number eg. Personal Member and then registering your business as a Home911 ‘Member’.

3. What about SARS?

Tax is not deducted from your Home911 earnings and Members are responsible for their own SARS commitments. Individual Earning Reports are available in the Secure Member’s Area.

4. How are my Home911 commissions paid?

Commissions are always calculated on successful business for the previous month, captured before midnight the 25th (cut-off) of the previous month. All commissions are calculated on successful debit orders according to rank status and are paid out to a member once it's accumulated to a minimum of a R100. As such, we save both the member and the company unnecessary banking fees and the commission becomes a more meaningful sum.

If your TOTAL commission in any given month is R75 minimum, the monthly debit subscription is simply off-set against that amount so as to avoid any banking costs for the member. However, if it is the total of ‘carried over’ commissions, the R75 debit will not be offset automatically. Only active members (product paid up) can earn commissions in any relevant month. Commissions are paid electronically after the 15th of each month.

5. What happens if I get a new cell number?

For security purposes a Main Member’s number change can ONLY be made on the system via the company. Please email/contact Home911 directly. Note that changing the number in the Member’s personal website Back-office is NOT sufficient.

6. Must the Main Member include himself as an Alert Recipient?

If he has ‘Household Members’ it is highly recommended so that he can also be notified if a Household Member is in trouble.

7. How do I change Alert Recipient, Household Member or address information?

This information must be changed via the Main Member’s cell phone. Done within seconds… Refer ‘Quick Cell Set-up’ on Website, DVD, Mobisite or Home911 Brochure

8. How does the Main Member know that their SMS changes have been actioned?

The Home911 Data Centre is automated to send an immediate confirmation back to the Main Member once an SMS instruction has been correctly received.

9. Is my Home911 Business willable and transferable?

Yes, both.

10. When is the Home911 debit order actioned?

1st Working day of each month, which can vary depending on your Banking  Institution.

11. Can I introduce Home911 to people living outside South Africa?

Yes, Namibia. Just remember to use the Namibian code 264.

12. Can a registered Home911 Member also be a Household Member?

No. There would be no logical need for this. A Home911 Member is linked to their ONE cell number which in turn is linked to ONE group of up to 10 Alert Recipients.

13. Do I need airtime to use my Home911 Alert Button?

To create an alternate ‘No airtime’ Panic Button, please refer to the ‘Quick Cell Set-Up Steps’.

14. How can I monitor my Home911 business growth and activity?

By going to your secure, personal Home911 Website Back-office and clicking on ‘Reports’. Information on your entire hierarchy, earnings, matrix placements etc. are there for your perusal.

15. What could prevent a ‘successful’ Home911 Demo from being completed?

You will need airtime when sending your SMS ‘demo’ request through to Home911 Manage. Please also check if your guest’s mail-box is full.

16. How can I get the valuable business support tools that Home911 offers?

Simply order either via your Personal Home911 Website or contact Home911 directly. Material can be delivered to any South African Post Office.

17. What if I forget my Home911 Log-in details?

Simply click on ‘Forgotten Password’ in the Member log in area on your Personal Website or contact Home911 Support.

Please Contact Home911 Support For Any Additional Information Or Assistance You Need: support@home911.co.za or Quick-Support 071 161 0060